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California Photography Tips

My Top 15 Photography Spots in LA

My picture of the Infinity Mirrored Room inside the Broad got lots of comments/likes on Instagram/Facebook and many of my friends are curious about this beautiful place. I think it would be useful for my readers to know not only about the Broad Museum, but also about some of the amazing photography spots in LA. In this note I will share with you 15 of my favorite locations for photography, engagement/pre-wedding and fashion photoshoot.


Luxurious and Healthy Choice for Breakfast: Acai Bowls

Nowadays healthy food-choice old-time vocabularies like “smoothies” and “salads” are not as as hip and trendy as some modern phrases like “grass shots” or “kale bowls”. And the world of healthy eating has constantly evolved into something more complex every day. Just when you think that you get acquainted with terms like “antioxidants”, “detox” or “Himalayan Salt”, new concepts  have already emerged as the new trends in town. The newest trend in the world of “eating your greens” or “eating raw” is the decadent “Acai Bowl”. If you notice your Instagram feed lately, you may have recognized that the Acai Bowls with colorful berries and seeds are such a huge hit. It looks very complicated to prepare an Acai Bowl, but it is actually easier than it looks; most of the work is just gathering all the ingredients. In this blog, I would like to share with you my simple Acai Bowl Recipe.


10 Ideas for Planning a Dreamy Pastel Fairy Kid Birthday Party

My best friend and I were ecstatic when planning this dreamy fairy first birthday party for a sweet little girl. We had so many ideas and it’s like we have always been wanting to do this for our own birthdays but sadly, we are too “old” for a fairy themed party. We used all of our creativity and resources to make this party as nearly perfect as possible because this was not only for our birthday girl, but also for us!!! (planners can overstep boundaries sometimes!!!) And lucky for us planners, our birthday girl’s mommy was very easy-going and let us do whatever we wanted for the event; therefore, we can stretch our wings and unleash all of our imagination and creativity to make this one the best and the most memorable for our client for many more years to come!


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Summer Love: Leon Max Silk Dresses

One of my favorite brands for silk dresses is Leon Max-a hot brand for many celebrities. Designer Leon Max creates his silk dresses with graceful twists. Beading, embroidery, butterfly sleeves, and drapes add intricate simplicity to his designs which always convey a feeling of effortless elegance.

In this post I would like to share with my readers a few of my Leon Max silk dresses which are currently on sale at



How to Plan a Picture-Perfect Beach Picnic

If you look at your Instagram’s news feed lately, you will notice that picnic-style parties have been a huge hit. Ashley Tisdale’s birthday set-up was a magical Bohemian-style party in her garden with picnic tables, rugs, and throw pillows. Or if you look at TuulaVintage’s blog, you will also see her recent Moroccan-style picnic event partnered with Moet and other bloggers. Also, you can notice all beautiful girls who top feature in popular hashtags #wearetravelgirls, #darlingescapes, #sheisnotlost #shewhowanders,…all have perfect pictures with wooden picnic tables, wooden boards, colorful round rugs, straw hats, and champagnes.


5 Ideas for Royal Prince Themed First Birthday Party

My best friend is a genius in every event planning from her fabulous wedding to her son (my godson) ‘s first birthday party. She planned everything for Harvey’s first birthday with the utmost attention to details. I was so lucky to be her assistant on this special occasion. There was nothing more fulfilling than being a part of my beloved godson’s birthday.


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