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How to Decorate Your House in Contemporary Style

My husband and I had so much fun designing, building, and decorating our first house. We did everything from scratch, from the blueprint/construction to the interior design.

Our house was built with every characteristics that support modern minimalist black-white theme. The focal point of the whole house was our black iron staircase and black wood floor pop out in the background of white walls and white cabinets.



How to Plan a Safari Themed Kid Birthday

My best friend and I were starting our kid birthday planner business in Sai Gon. Due to the fact that I was just visiting Sai Gon for one year, our business was more about fun and do what we love together rather than profits or any other long term plans. I learned so much cool things about kid birthday planning and would like to share with my readers in this post.

Our first birthday planning event was Brian’s Safari Themed Second Birthday Party and it was something to roar about! It was cool, colorful, and cute! Let’s move on to some of the DIY decoration ideas that are so easy and cheap to make and were such a big hit at the party! Because I love my readers, I will provide lots of tips in this post and they will help you plan a FIERCE party that your child will remember for years to come!



Planning our Wedding: Winter Theme

We had our wedding in December and we love Christmas so why not combine the two and have a sumptuous Christmas themed wedding?

I incorporated white and red colors into the theme. I like a little sparkle so I use glittered snow ornaments as place card holders.

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How to Plan a Couple’s Shower

Instead of a traditional bridal shower, we thought it’s more fun to throw a couple’s wedding shower since Derek and I rarely do things apart.

Compared to weddings past, grooms today are more involved in the wedding process, which means wedding showers aren’t just for brides anymore.

Photography Tips

“It’s all about the view”

People are always excited about exploring a new place and imagine things will be just as amazing as what’s captured in a travel brochure or Google pictures. When they arrive at their destinations, things turn out not to be as glamorous as their imagination: Vatican is way too crowded, Santorini’s blue domes are not that picturesque, Barcelona is touristy and dirty,…

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