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STRAW BAGS: The IT Trend Of 2017 Summer?

If you’ve been following fashions blogs or Instagram for the last few months, you might have noticed that straw bags are everywhere this summer! There are so many cute and chic straw bags this year. They come in all shapes and sizes—from structured basket bags to clutches, from beach totes to round bags. There’s a straw bag for every girl!

There are multiple styles for these bags, making them affordable and fun additions to your summer wardrobe.  In this blog I want to share a few of my favorite straw bags with you!

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Daniel Wellington Watch Review: Exclusive 15% Off Coupon Code+Giveaway

You have probably seen a classic elegant watch popping up all over your Instagram/Facebook feed. You might have seen lots of bloggers using this beautiful watch in their flatflays, travel pictures, or with their beloved pets. Daniel Wellington watch has become increasingly popular because of its timeless, minimalistic and classy look. In today’s blog, I will tell you why I’m in love with this watch.


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Travel Light But Fashionably: 3 Tips for Greek Goddess Inspired Style

Greek-goddess inspired look is known for its elegance, femininity, and grace. There’s something about this style that makes a woman look so delicate, divine, and ethereal. To make it look like you just stepped out of a Greek mythology, the elements have to be dreamy and divine included long flowing dresses, layered fabrics, headdresses, braided hairstyle, accessories,and gladiator sandals.


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What’s in my bag?

This month for me is all about organization. A “What’s in my bag?” blog post has been very popular on Youtube and fashion bloggers’ websites. It’s definitely my favorite kind of posts since it’s interesting to snoop around someone’s handbag; so hopefully you enjoy taking a peek into mine.


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Giveaway Blog: My 10 Favorite Brands for Silk Dresses

Silk exudes elegance and sophistication at first glance. It’s lightweight, delicate, and the most luxurious of all fabrics. Instead of trapping air and sweat between you and your garment, silk fabrics breathe easily. The natural proteins in silk allow air to flow through it as well as absorb moisture. Because the fabric is so versatile you will most likely see it available in many different prints and colors. It makes lovely dresses, flowy skirts and pretty blouses.

As I got a few questions from my blog readers about this topic, I think it’s about time to share some of my favorite brands when shopping for silk dresses. At the end of this blog is a fantastic giveaway for my lovely readers!!!

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Summer Love: Leon Max Silk Dresses

One of my favorite brands for silk dresses is Leon Max-a hot brand for many celebrities. Designer Leon Max creates his silk dresses with graceful twists. Beading, embroidery, butterfly sleeves, and drapes add intricate simplicity to his designs which always convey a feeling of effortless elegance.

In this post I would like to share with my readers a few of my Leon Max silk dresses which are currently on sale at


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