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Bellabeat Leaf: The Fashionable Fitness Tracker

The Bellabeat Leaf is described as “smart jewelry” which, like many activity trackers on the market, is designed to track your daily step counts, your sleep, and your calories burned! But what sets it apart from other health trackers is when paired with the app using Bluetooth, it also tracks menstruation and ovulation and offers guided breathing exercises to reduce stress. Most fitness trackers out there are ugly and bulky. Bellabeat Leaf, with its sleek and elegant design, fits perfectly in with both my wardrobe and my style. The LEAF is made of sustainable wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel, and its sophisticated design makes it look like a stylish piece of jewelry than a standard tracker from a company like Jawbone, Nike, or Fitbit. Bellabeat Leaf can be worn on your wrist as a bracelet, as a necklace or even clipped onto your clothes like a broach. 


Luxurious and Healthy Choice for Breakfast: Acai Bowls

Nowadays healthy food-choice old-time vocabularies like “smoothies” and “salads” are not as as hip and trendy as some modern phrases like “grass shots” or “kale bowls”. And the world of healthy eating has constantly evolved into something more complex every day. Just when you think that you get acquainted with terms like “antioxidants”, “detox” or “Himalayan Salt”, new concepts  have already emerged as the new trends in town. The newest trend in the world of “eating your greens” or “eating raw” is the decadent “Acai Bowl”. If you notice your Instagram feed lately, you may have recognized that the Acai Bowls with colorful berries and seeds are such a huge hit. It looks very complicated to prepare an Acai Bowl, but it is actually easier than it looks; most of the work is just gathering all the ingredients. In this blog, I would like to share with you my simple Acai Bowl Recipe.


My Detox Plan

There are lots of options for detox plans depending on the purpose (clear skin, weight loss, take the load off the organs that detoxify your body: kidney, liver,…).

For me my goal is mainly to improve digestion and have that sparkling skin glow. So my detox plan is pretty simplified and the duration is about 7 days.


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