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    If you’re in need of some real-life inspirations for your Thanksgiving dinner next week, I’m here to help! In my newest blog post I’m partnering with local vendors to pull off the ultimate guide to help you plan a memorable outdoor gathering this fall that will certainly impress your family members!
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💐Centerpiece: @jadorelesfleurs .
🛍Favors: @bitterandsweet .
🎉Party Supplies: @inpicnic .
🍷Wine: @davisbynumwines
👩‍🍳Personal Chef: @rachelannwilson_chef
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    I love the centerpieces that @jadorelesfleurs created for my pre-Thanksgiving gathering! A collection of blooms tightly packed into a bright orange pumpkin 🎃 just screams “fall.” And @bitterandsweet handcrafted mini chocolates for my party favors (with wafer, hazelnut cream, and edible roses) that were such a big hit at my party #sponsored
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    Looking for a way to serve amazing food for your Thanksgiving dinner and still spend time with your family? The answer is hiring a personal chef 👩‍🍳 .
I love setting table and decorating. But I would rather have someone take care of the rest so I can have time to hang out with family. So I contacted @rachelannwilson_chef - one of my favorite personal chefs in LA area. Rachel somehow found a way to bring an entire gourmet kitchen into our home. From the beautifully presented charcuterie board to the vegan pudding with gold flakes, all of my guests could only describe the food as nothing less than divine. What a treat to have a professional chef come into our home with everything necessary to prepare a multiple course gourmet meal 🥘 .
A personal chef started as a luxury but now it is cost effective and very affordable.If you need some holiday gift ideas for your beloved ones, how about hiring a personal chef to alleviate their holiday stress?
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    I love a good Chardonnay and the ones by @DavisBynumWines #ad are some of the best with beautiful aromas of toasted sesame, marzipan, meyer lemon and baked apple. #davisbynum #wine #RussianRiver @sonomacounty
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    I love organizing picnics and intimate gatherings for friends and family. And I always trust these three sister companies @jadorelesfleurs @bitterandsweet and @tovmali to help me plan the most beautiful and elegant events! .
Fall pumpkin arrangement for my pre-Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece: @jadorelesfleurs .
Chocolate for favors: @bitterandsweet .
Red Rose Black Cotton Sweater: @tovmali .
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    Wish this were my daily coffee run outfit 😆😆: beautifully bright-colored embroidered clothes, easily spotted red turbans, silver jewelry,...#sapavietnam #sapahomestay .
Staying in the local people’s houses is the best way to learn more about the daily life of the Northwest people in Viet Nam! You can cook and eat with your host family and generally enjoy the hospitality of Sapa’s mountain people. Make sure you do a thorough research to find a homestay that suits you! Maybe it is not very comfortable but it is a good chance to meet the ethnics, have meals and enjoy specialties with them
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Basic Invite – Create Your Perfect Invitation

For those of you that know me personally, I love organizing events and get-togethers! I love the planning, decorating, and creative thinking that go into the party! And one of the important steps in party planning is picking out the right invitation. I have always been a bit of a paper freak since I am very particular about the quality and design of my invitations. This is why I love Basic Invite – you can create beautiful custom invitations, without all the stress of designing them on your own. You can even order a sample of your invitation, so you can see what it will look like before you place your final order! Basic Invite has been creating the perfect card since 2006. With unique technology and complete design control, Basic Invite allows you to create custom invitations.

So let’s check out my favorite site for stationary and online invitations. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Basic Invite for all of your invitation and card needs!


An American Traveling to Havana: What You Need to Know

Many travellers want to travel to Cuba to touch the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, taste the Cuban rum and world-class cigars, listen to the infectious street music, learn about the history of tobacco, and simply soak up the country’s 1950’s back-in-time appeal. However what draws people to the tropical Caribbean island of Cuba is much more than beaches and antique 1950’s cars. It is a beautiful country, but more than anything else it is interesting, mysterious, difficult and challenging.

Cuba, unlike its neighbors, has been fractured by Communist rule that makes travelling here frustrating. Independent travel in Cuba, away from cruise ship excursions and guided tours, is not easy, but worth the challenge if you are curious enough to dig deeper. It may test one’s patience; yet, you cannot help but fall in love with Cuba and wishing to eventually go back and uncover more of its charm.

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How to Plan a Picture-Perfect Beach Picnic

As heavenly and blissful as they may appear in meticulously filtered Instagram posts, beach picnics have their perils. Sand is inevitable and will find its way into your food. Seagulls are also inevitable. They will crowd around you and will caw for food scraps. But don’t let those environmental hazards stop you! Meals at the beach are easier to accomplish than you think, and they’re so worth it. If you want to have an Instagram-worthy beach picnic that will also be relatively simple to put together, read on.

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Labor Day Picnic Tips – 2018

It’s Labor day again, and I hope you have everything carefully planned out already since state parks, swimming pools and campgrounds are all gearing up for the long Labor Day weekend. Poor planning can increase the risk of ruining the fun for everyone in your family. There are many different kinds of parties to throw on Labor Day: backyard BBQ, potluck, clambake, pool party,…Over the years, Labor Day has evolved from just a labor union celebration into a “last fling of the summer” festival. For our family, we love outdoor picnics so in this blog I will share with you some of useful tips if you are planning a Labor Day Summer Picnic.



Located south of Cancún – on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula – Tulum is now on your Insta feed multiple times a day. Tulum is undeniably a hotspot for Instagrammers and bloggers. Everywhere you turn, there’s a stylish, Instagram-worthy spot awaiting you. It’s truly an Instagrammer’s paradise.

Tulum was the perfect mix of chilling on those turquoise Caribbean beaches, eating incredible food, and exploring Mayan ruins. Once a laid-back beach destination, Tulum has made its mark as a holistic, yoga-filled, free people, and vegan dreamland. Heading to the pristine beaches and the balmy breezes of Tulum? My Tulum travel guide covers the best things to see and do, where to eat, what to pack and where to stay in Tulum, Mexico.


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