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    Naples, you are crazy and chaotic yet beautiful and authentic at the same time! .
Naples is definitely not a 'picture-perfect' city by any definition: the crumbling buildings, the graffiti, the constant noise of the scooters and mopeds. (I managed to dodge the locals driving scooters down cobbled streets a few times)! But on these same cobbled streets of madness there is history and culture. While cities like Florence or Siena in the north are certainly beautiful, they also come across as a little artificial and a little too clean and touristy, Naples has a life of its own. There is no doubt that you see the authenticity in everything here. This is a city with texture – the good and the bad. As they say here, “Vedi Napoli e poi muori! — See Naples and die!”
Thanks to @jetzyapp I was able to connect with other like-minded explorers for many local authentic recommendations in Naples! Use @jetzyapp to plan your next travels! Link in my bio🔝🔝🔝
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    A cafe where lemon 🍋 is not lemon 🍋 , peach 🍑 is not peach 🍑, and honey 🍯 latte can go bling bling ✨✨✨
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    When people ask me, “Does your IG reflect your real life?”, I always answer, “It doesn’t truly reflect my real life because my real life is much more meaningful!” Summer months are super busy for us, and we have been traveling a lot for work. It might look so much fun to visit different destinations, taking part in different events,..but for us, we always prefer staying home with our fur babies. Our daily life is actually much happier and more fulfilling than our IG life. For us, it’s all about simple moments: walking our 3 dogs 3 hours a day, me practicing my calligraphy/piano/guzheng, Derek practicing guitar/flute and cooking healthy meals, playing chess, drinking tea, reading books,…We truly believe that very little is needed to make a happy life! #hometime #simplemoments
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    Beep Beep! Special delivery: It’s me! I was so excited to be invited by @amazonprimevideo to attend their live concert. Amazon #PrimeDay Concert is now available to watch on demand exclusively for Prime members until August 9. If you are not a Prime member, click the link in my bio to sign up for a free 30-day trial which won’t cost you anything but will give you access to this amazing concert (featuring Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and BeckyG) and many Prime-exclusive shopping deals on Prime Days (July 15 and 16)! @AmazonMusic
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    Bringing Amazon jungle vibes to my guzheng room with this tropical arrangement of mini bananas and exotic tropical flowers. #bouqspartner ! @thebouqsco just launched their new summer tropical collection - these exotic bouquets will create a little slice of the rainforest and tropical paradise that you can set anywhere in your home or office.  One thing I love most about @thebouqs is that their flowers are shipped directly from the hands of the farmers to the hands of the recipients (mine was shipped from Ecuador!). This creates such an emotional and fulfilling experience for customers. Each bouquet has its own story. I got to learn about the farmer (Maria) who grew the flowers in my bouquet and how Maria and her team are actively conserving the native species that are in threat of extinction. #bouqlove
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    Nourishing my body everyday with @skinnyfit Super Youth #ad. Super Youth is designed to supplement the collagen that you have naturally in your body. For about a month now I have been adding a scoop of Super Youth to my smoothies 2 times a day. And I have noticed that my hair is getting thicker and shinier, my nails are growing stronger like never before, and my skin is having a glow! The best collagen formula that I have ever used! #skinnyfitlove #superyouth
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How to Create a Mixbook Photo Book

As a content creator and travel blogger, photography is a major part of my life! I enjoy looking through old photos of our trips to relive the experience! It’s so easy nowadays to store our photos digitally and look at them through our computers and phones that we rarely print out our photos. But when you want to remember that one special moment, nothing beats a physical custom photo book.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a little travel photo book for every adventure you take? A photo book allows you to organize your best shots into a book packed with memories. You may think you don’t have the time, but making your perfect photo book is easier than you think — and it doesn’t require any scrapbooking supplies or design skills. Photo companies like Mixbook make it really easy to assemble a photo book quickly with online tools and easy-to-use templates that let you build your own personalized photo albums in all shapes and sizes. In this blog I’m sharing with you my new spring travel photo book and how to get started on designing your photo book on Mixbook.

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How to Throw the Best Outdoor Rustic Boho Mother’s Day Brunch

There’s no doubt about it—moms are special. They love us every day, and they never stop worrying about us, no matter how old we get. When we think about all our moms have done for us, devoting just one day a year to show them our appreciation seems insufficient. So the least we can do is create a one-of-a-kind thoughtful day that celebrates how truly incredible they are.

While you can always give her flowers and a cute card or find some chocolate to help celebrate the day, it’s fun to mix things up a bit. Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, brunch is a great and simple idea that can really show your mom how much you care. All moms like nothing better than spending time with their family! So this Mother’s Day, skip going out for an overpriced meal on this busy day, and instead host a fabulous brunch at home, the park, or another special location. In this blog I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite vendors to bring you some great ideas for Mother’s Day that will sure impress mom and your guests!

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Carlsbad’s Petal-to-Plate Picnic in The Flowers Field

Our family visits the Flowers Fields at Carlsbad Ranch every year, and each visit I always make a mental affirmation to myself I will have a sunset picnic in the fields of flowers one day. And on March 28th, 2019 this dream became my reality when I attended the Carlsbad Flowers Fields’ Petal-to Plate media picnic. This is the experience of a lifetime! Imagine sitting in the middle of 50 acres of giant Ranunculus among new friends, delicious picnic food, floral cocktails and live acoustic. This is the highlight of all my media trips this year.

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Five Trending Dress Styles You Need This Spring

When the weather gets warmer, we’re all itching for bright colors and florals! If you haven’t locked down your dress game yet, now would be the time. A spring dress is simultaneously simple (just pop on and go), versatile (easy to style casually or more dressed up) and just makes you feel so chic and comfy. I’ve rounded up 5 of the best spring dress styles for you in this blog!

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Where to See Stunning Spring Bloom in LA

In case you haven’t noticed in your social media feeds, Spring has officially “sprung” in LA. There’s still a bit of chill in the air and a few lingering raindrops on the ground, but spring is starting to burst out all around us. All the rain we complained about in January and February has brought us the most amazing spring bloom. It’s time to bust out those sandals, those picnic spreads, and those floral dresses and get ready to smell the flowers.

My inbox has been flooded with questions since I posted on my Instagram pictures taken with wild flowers and almond blossom. So I decided to spill all of my “secret” spring bloom spots in and around LA. In this blog I’m sharing with you my top favorite spots to catch the first glimpse of spring blooms!


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