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    Sunset picnic in the desert 🌵 favorite kind of picnic! #desertvibes #joshuatree
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    Vintage 1964 airstream 🚐, magical starry sky 🌌, spooky coyote howling 🐺, whimsical Joshua trees 🌵 ,...There’s something about the barren landscape that brings a sense of peace and solitude and, at the same time, provides endless opportunities for adventures!
To answer some of your questions about this accommodation from my last post, this one is an Airbnb!!! An ideal option for those who look for a getaway in desert with some comforts of home!
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    Some desert vibes 🌵#festivaltime
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    We are very careful when selecting dog treats for our @chloe_lychee. The best healthy dog treats should contain natural/organic ingredients and pack plenty of protein. Problem is, most conventional store-bought dog treats contain sketchy additives, colors, or preservatives. That's why we only trust @stewart_pet Chicken Liver Dog Treats! One thing we love about this treat is that it contains only one ingredient – 100% fresh pure chicken liver. No additives or preservatives. These mouthwatering treats are full-flavored and rich in protein. Sponsored by @iHerb
New customers can get a discount by clicking the link in my bio. 
#ad #iherb #iherbpet
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    Having our Coachella-style picnic with @w.i.l.d.i.n.b.l.o.o.m #springvibes .
Our family loves picnics and a high quality picnic blanket which is both stylish and comfortable for us is always worth investing! Of all the blankets we have tried over the years, @w.i.l.d.i.n.b.l.o.o.m is our favorite! Made from multiple, soft layers and a polyester lining this luxurious versatile waterproof/sandproof blanket provides so much for comfort and insulation! Keep it classy, not grassy! Check out the link in my bio 🔝🔝🔝
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    Today I just want to sip coffee, pet my dog, and stay all day in my soft and comfy bed newly updated with @tuftandneedle mattress, sheets, and pillows #ad. Their mattress adaptive foam helps me sleep cool and localize bounce so I won't feel other movement throughout the night. Their pillows are soft but supportive, and their 100% Supima cotton sheets are smooth and breathable. Every day I #wakeupbetter thanks to @tuftandneedle
Saigon Vietnam

Photo Spots in Saigon: art alleys, iconic corners, timeless staircases,…

In this post, I’ll reveal my favorite photography spots in SaiGon. To bring out Saigon’s rich diversity and colorful culture, one of my favorite choices for photos is art arcades/alleys which appear at every corner of every district in Saigon. Instead of going to crowded touristy places like ĐườngĐi BộNguyễnHuệ, you can find hidden photography locations in these unique alleys with run-down spiral staircases, colorful and lively paintings, cool urban cafes, chic and trendy boutiques,….

Photography Tips

“It’s all about the view”

People are always excited about exploring a new place and imagine things will be just as amazing as what’s captured in a travel brochure or Google pictures. When they arrive at their destinations, things turn out not to be as glamorous as their imagination: Vatican is way too crowded, Santorini’s blue domes are not that picturesque, Barcelona is touristy and dirty,…


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