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    On average, Americans don't wear 24% of what they pack while traveling. It can be absolutely overwhelming to cram everything you need into a bag for the duration of your trip, and the absolute last thing you want to do is overpack. But don't worry, @trunkclubwomen can solve your packing woes in the most stylish way possible. I loved this look my stylist put together for me and really alleviated the stress of packing and worrying about what to wear during my travels. Read more on my blog! Link in bio 🔝🔝🔝! #TrunkClubWomen
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    American tourists in Havana 🇨🇺 .
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    Colors of Havana 🇨🇺 .
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    Riding 🚙 into the weekend like... #havanastyle .
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    Find me under the palms and bougainvillea! #californiagirl .
#liketkit You can shop this outfit via the screenshot of this pic with the app! Or if you are too lazy to shop ☺️like me, @trunkclubwomen stylists can help you find the most beautiful spring outfits that best match your style! My stylist, Katherine, from @trunkclubwomen picked out every single piece of this entire spring outfit for my vacay! Use the link in my bio to get connected with your own stylist
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    62% of Americans admit that they overpack their suitcase when traveling and 1/3 of Americans say they pack 24 hours or less before a trip! While traveling the world can be an adventure of a lifetime, preparing for a trip can be an agonizing process. That's why @trunkclubwomen - a personal styling service - is such a good idea! .
Let your @trunkclubwomen stylist help you pack for your next vacation finding the colors, sizes, and brands that best match your style. If you guys want to try this service out for yourselves, check out the link in my bio! #TrunkClubWomen
Barcelona Spain


In Barcelona we woke up very early to catch sunrise, strolled around town, and found ourselves get lost in its richness of history, architecture, and romance. We wandered and roamed the town until our feet were exhausted. We love Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, for its nobility, intensity, and charisma.

Poland Warsaw


Warsaw is a hidden gem. It’s not crowded with tourists; everywhere we went there was not an usual scene where buses dropping off tourists. We enjoyed our long walk around beautiful lakes and castles or sitting on benches reading books. We allowed ourselves plenty of time in Warsaw to appreciate its peacefulness, quietness, and its far-away-from-the-madding crowd serenity

Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos

Los Cabos refers to a trio of communities — Cabo San Lucas, which has a livelier vibe next to the main marina, San Jose del Cabo, a small, charming town chock-full of art galleries and restaurants, and the Corridor, a 20-mile strip filled with resorts and housing communities.

Italy Venice


For us Venice is a dream come true. Every corner you turn, you walk deeper into some real-life watercolor painting that a camera can never do justice. It’s a maze of canals and small streets, whimsical bridges, and colorful buildings. We were swept away by romantic Venice!

Italy Rome


“Ideally, you visit Rome slowly. You sit, you stroll, you take it slow and as it comes. You don’t go to see stuff, you let it slip up on you — one piazza, one fountain, one amazing structure at a time. That would be the best-case scenario.”
-Anthony Bourdain


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