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    I have been been drinking celery juice first thing in the morning for about 2 years now. I believe that celery juice is a miracle juice that aids my suggestion and clear up my skin issues. Now I could double up on all that goodness by applying that same detoxifying green on my face everyday. @volitionbeauty new Celery Green Cream is like a glass of celery juice for your face daily; its formula has a luscious, all-natural, gel-like texture and smells like a fresh garden of cucumber and celery. I have been using it as a daytime moisturizer for a couple of weeks now and it keeps my skin feeling all plump and hydrated. You can find it at your local @sephora 
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    One thing that you must do when visiting #Procida is having lunch at Marina Corricella. This is the most picturesque and charming spot on the island of Procida. There are several bars and restaurants in Corricella, with tables attractively scattered along the waterfront where you can enjoy your meal with the pretty view of piles of fishing nets and bobbing fishing boats. Check out my Procida travel guide for more. Link in bio 🔝🔝🔝
So why did I know exactly where to go and what to do when visiting Procida? It’s because of @trotter_app - my favorite travel planner app. This app is the equivalent of having a tour guide make a personalized itinerary for you. You can ask for tips from people you trust (friends, family, other travelers,...) and you can also share your travel tips to inspire others! You can save all recommendations in one place to plan your upcoming trip and you can access your travel plans on the go (even offline!)! I used @trotter_app to plan a perfect day trip to Procida and I bet it will help you plan a perfect trip for your next adventure too! .
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    I fell for Procida as soon as I saw the view from the Terra Murata on my Instagram feed. It’s not the first time I visit a place influenced by this social network. And I’m glad that Procida surpassed my Instagram’s expectations. My Procida Day Trip Guide is now on the blog! Link in bio 🔝🔝🔝
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    One of my beauty tricks is adding collagen to my morning routine. Do you know that our skin is made up of 70% collagen? Less collagen means sagging skin and noticeable wrinkles. But there are many things we can do to naturally reverse the aging process. About 6 months ago, I started to incorporate @toneitup Marine Collagen into my daily morning coffee. I like that it’s odorless and flavorless, so I can add it to almost anything without tasting it and getting all the benefits. @toneitup also just launched their Marine Collagen To-Go that is a life saver for my travel life. Their sticks are great on-the-go from mixing into the beverage you pick-up on the way to work or after the gym, to taking with you while you travel. Head to to order Tone It Up's Marine Collagen To-Go! #TIUCollagen #ad
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    Weekend getaway of the dogs 🐶.... and we just tagged along as their dogsitters 😅
@serenityescapejt is a beautiful desert oasis that can take you from the chaos of LA to a relaxing calm getaway. It felt like you’re entirely off the grid. If you’re planning on eloping, having a wedding, or just a weekend getaway in #JoshuaTree, @serenityescapejt has everything to offer. Full review of this @AirBnb is now on my blog with the discount code for $75 off your stay at @serenityescapejt ! Link in bio 🔝🔝🔝
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    Sunrise Serenity Escape Yoga 🧘‍♀️ ! @serenityescapejt provides the perfect setting and the peaceful sanctuary for nurturing your body, mind, spirit and allowing nature to speak to your heart. .
When you are looking for an AirBnb in Joshua Tree, it’s important to choose one that has activities for everyone! Many AirBnb homes in this area look photogenic but after you take your Instagramable pictures, there’s not much left to do. At @serenityescapejt , Oded and Rachel have created such a stylish and versatile space that can satisfy anyone who is looking for a meaningful desert escape: spacious backyard for yoga retreat or intimate wedding reception, chef-quality fully stocked kitchen, amazing pool and jacuzzi, and a newly built cabana where your family can relax with a glass of champagne and watch the famous Joshua Tree sunset. As I practiced yoga in the yard, my fur babies had so much fun swimming in the pool and my chef husband cooked everyone a delicious healthy breakfast! (Follow along on our stories)! It’s truly a home away from home experience! Use my exclusive code “DesertMay” for $75 off (expired 9/1/2019) when you book @serenityescapejt for your next Joshua Tree trip!
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Angkor Wat Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is an ancient city in Cambodia that was the center of the Khmer empire that once ruled most of Southeast Asia. This cilvilazation went extinct, but not before building amazing temples and buildings that were reclaimed by the jungle for hundreds of years.

Austria Vienna

Vienna: a Week of Overtures, Arias, Duets

When we arrived in Vienna, we were in awe with so many magnificent and grand theaters, concert halls, and museums at every corner of this graceful and elegant city. In Vienna, music is literally in the air. Although there are concerts and operas performed in so many theaters and concert halls around the city every night, we chose to see the Vienna Mozart Orchestra with internationally renowned singers and soloists

Italy Milan

Milan: Shopping Weekend

Milan is the fifth-largest city in the European Union. Milan has something for everyone: world-class shopping and a thriving cultural scene. It’s set apart by its glamour and passions.

Begin your Milan exploration at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the oldest covered shopping arcade in town. It’s home to fashion giants such as Prada and Gucci.

Indonesia Ubud,Bali

Ubud, our Eat-Pray-Love Journey!

Ubud is considered in many ways Bali’s cultural heart. Located in the cool mountains, just one hour’s drive north of the airport and the resorts of southern Bali, this traditional country town is home of one of Bali’s royal families.

I got a lot of questions about where I stayed in Ubud and here’s the answer: Dara Ayu Villas and Spa. Dara Ayu is only 10 minutes away from the famous Hanging Gardens.

Italy Tuscany

Under the Tuscan Sun!

I had visions of “Under the Tuscan Sun” in my head as I planned our getaway in Tuscan. Florence-the capital of Tuscan and the birthplace of the Renaissance is gorgeous but we are much more in love with the Tuscan countryside. The countryside is quite literally covered with vineyards and olive groves that give the rolling hills a deep green color with hints of golden as the sun glints off of the leaves. Just like in a movie!


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