How to Dress Boho Chic for Your Summer Travel

Summer is the time to let your hair down, and your boho side out. Flowy, delicate and oh so fresh; boho dresses are everywhere when the temperatures start to rise. This timeless style is an unconventional way to show you are a hopeless romantic with a craving for wanderlust and a desire to express your individuality. And every boho babe needs a maxi dress in their collection.

Artistic, relaxed, liberated…the style resembles to the nomadic, carefree and unconventional culture and lifestyle from centuries ago. In celebration of the beginning of summer, I’m partnering with Coconuts & Pineapples (Cocopiña) Boutique to show you how easy it is to assemble that comfortable boho summer look for your travel.

About Cocopina

Cocopiña Boutique was launched in 2022 with the mission to create beautiful dresses for every day. All Cocopiña products are handmade by talented craftswomen in Thailand using high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. Their dresses are produced in small batches to reduce overproduction and waste. Each piece is truly one of a kind!

Cocopiña Boutique 

What makes Cocopina boho dress so inspirational is that it focuses on looking natural and drawing out your individuality. Cocopina girl embraces the idea of a free spirit, who is well-cultured, loves to travel, and is known as adventurous because of both her clothing choices and her lifestyle. If you are looking forward to starting a bohemian wardrobe, Cocopiña Boutique is a great kick-off point which has everything that you need to assemble your boho free-spirited wanderlust look.

Different Types of Cocopina Boho Dresses

There are various lengths of Cocopiña Boutique boho dresses: the maxi, which reaches to the floor and the mini, which stops above the knees. Also knowing which dresses will fit your body type is essential for wearing the boho dress effectively. For example, the off-shoulder dresses are perfect for accentuating the shoulders and backs. The wrap-around dress is ideal for bringing out your best features.

Cocopiña Boutique 

There are also many alternatives when it comes to sleeves: flutters, off shoulders, bare shoulders, and thin straps. In general, there is something to suit every taste at Cocopina. This boutique is really a one stop shop for all your summer wardrobe essentials that you can transition from season to season. In this blog, we are exploring different stylings of Cocopina boho outfits.


Off-the-shoulder maxi dresses in boho style are very feminine and slightly seductive because they accentuate the shoulders and back. However, they are otherwise casual and mysterious. And Cocopina Belle Maxi Dress is just the perfect off shoulder boho dress that is perfect for festivals, parties, and summer vacation.

Belle Maxi Dress (lavender)
Belle Maxi Dress (lavender)

Belle maxi dress is designed for both comfort and style with smocked bodice, strappy back, tassel-tie waist, and fluttered sleeves that can be worn in two ways (straps or off the shoulder). What I love most about this dress is the way the fabric moves and dances with every move I make!

Belle Maxi Dress (yellow)

If you want to embrace the freedom of movement, Belle maxi dress is a must have for your summer wardrobe. The slim waist and fluid texture of the dress make it both sexy and chic.

Belle Maxi Dress (dusty red)

Finding a great dress and discovering it has pockets is always a wonderful surprise – after all, it’s so much easier to stash my lipstick or strike a confident pose with strategically placed pockets. And all of Cocopina dresses have pockets! That’s a win-win in my book.

Belle Maxi Dress (yellow)

The Belle Maxi Dress comes in 5 colors: lavender, yellow, sand, red, and white. This dress is the perfect summer staple for every occasion—from a beach vacation to date night and girls’ night out.

Belle Maxi Dress (lavender)


Cocopina dresses come in various lengths and styles such as minis, floor-length maxis, and also cute two-piece sets. And Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set is just the cutest boho outfit ever!

Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (sky blue)

Designed with flutter sleeves on the top and a high-low hem on the skirt, this set is both comfortable and chic.

Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (olive)
Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (olive)

The form is insanely flattering, on everyone. Extremely versatile, for every style. Pair with a strappy heel and fine jewels for a rooftop evening dinner or wear with boots and hats for a festival fit to die for.

Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (sky blue)

High-low hem dresses and off shoulder tops are the ultimate in chic and boho style. The boho vibes are embraced in Izamal set’s natural textures and materials used, and in the free flowing silhouettes and effortless style. 

Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (Yellow Boho)
Cocopina Izamal crop top and maxi skirt set (Yellow Boho)

Two piece set is a great way to instantly build different outfits with minimal effort. You can wear the two pieces in the Izamal set together as a look or style them separately with other items in your summer wardrobe. 

Izamal Skirt + Sofia Crop Top

With a little bit of creativity, I decided to take the best of what the set offered and paired the sky blue Izamal skirt with Cocopina Matilda Crop Top. To my delight, this combo worked out wonderfully!

Izamal Skirt + Matilda Wrap Top

I also paired the yellow boho top of the Izamal set with Tera skirt in Cocopina collection. By just investing in a few Cocopina pieces, I was able to create my entire summer lookbook. The Izamal set is a must-have for your summer wardrobe due to their versatility.

Izamal Top + Tera Skirt


Another must-have summer piece from Cocopina is their Sicilia maxi dress. This dress is the perfect transition piece that allows some airflow with a flowy hem.

Sicilia maxi dress (white)

Sicilia maxi dress with spaghetti straps are ideal for summer because they are nice and airy and let the sun touch your skin.

Sicilia maxi dress (light yellow)

The delicate lace detail is simply a dream and the perfect touch for summer. Put on this dress for a seamless flounce and voluminous look.

Sicilia maxi dress (sky blue)

Cocopina always wants their travel girls to be comfortable and all of their dresses have that gorgeous loose fitting that looks effortlessly stylish. Sicilia maxi dress comes in 3 different colors (yellow, white, and sky blue) and 2 different types of halters (shoulder or neck).

Sicilia maxi dress (white)

Sicilia soft color tone is a summer palette that makes every outfit an eye-catcher. This stunning dress is elegant and effortless. It is easy to wear casual during the day with shoes for exploring and it is easy to dress up for brunch or an evening dinner. This dress will definitely last you multiple summers as it will be in style for years to come.

Sicilia maxi dress (white)
Sicilia maxi dress (yellow)


Wrap dresses are a timeless and versatile addition to any wardrobe. They flatter all body types, are easy to wear, and suit various occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or keeping it casual, Cocopina Rosa Wrap Dress can be your go-to piece. 

Cocopina Rosa Wrap Dress

This dress comes in the dreamy shade of light teal. The dress wraps into a high slit, which I appreciate in the southern California summer heat. A little air flow is a must if you’re wearing a maxi dress in the summer!

With their flattering silhouette and feminine appeal, Cocopina Rosa Wrap Dress effortlessly creates a polished, put-together look in seconds. Whether you’re rushing to a casual brunch or need to switch from work to an evening event, this dress is the ultimate solution for a chic and time-saving outfit. Its inherent elegance and versatility make it easy to create a stylish ensemble with minimal effort.

Cocopina Rosa Wrap Dress


Sunny days are here, so it’s time to take out the mini dresses and showin’ off more skin. Cocopina Mona Mini Dress is giving me all the summertime feels with its ruffled hem and silky fabric.

Cocopina Mona Mini Dress

Cocopina Mona Mini Dress is a swing mini dress with flutter sleeves that has some serious boho vibes. You’ll be swept away with its flowy silhouette. The Mona Mini Dress comes in 5 different soft palettes: rose, light teal, lavender, lemon, and boho flowers. These delicate color palettes are so soft on the eyes.

Cocopina Mona Mini Dress

Playful, pretty, and oh so dreamy, wearing paler hues like rose is a clear sign that summer is here! 

Mona mini dress + Matilda wrap top


A maxi skirt is the perfect wardrobe piece when you want to channel your inner bohemian goddess. And Cocopina embraces the ultimate bohemian vibe with their ruffled Tera Maxi Skirt.

Tera Maxi Skirt (orange)
Tera Maxi Skirt (white)

Cocopina Terra maxi skirt comes in 2 colors (orange and white). With its timeless allure and free-spirited essence, this dress has become a staple in my summer wardrobe.

Tera Maxi Skirt (white)

The stretchy waistband ensures a comfortable fit, while the side on-seam pockets allow me to store my essentials and have my hands free. The tiered skirt creates a graceful flow, while the partial lining provides added comfort and coverage. 

Tera Maxi Skirt (orange)

Summer is the time to truly bask in the glory of Cocopina Tera Maxi Skirt. The airy, flowing fabric not only allows your skin to breathe in the heat but also offers an effortless chic vibe that is synonymous with summer days and nights.

Tera Maxi Skirt (orange) + Matilda wrap top

I love pairing the Terra skirt with Cocopina Sofia crop top for the ultimate summer look. This Boho skirt is the perfect skirt to twirl with its tiered layers of delicate fabric.

Tera Maxi Skirt (white) + Sofia crop top

I also love pairing the skirt with the crop top from the Izamal set. By mix-and-matching different pieces in Cocopina collection, you are able to create different outfits for your summer travel.

Tera Skirt + Izamal top


White crop tops have become a staple in every fashion-forward wardrobe, and for good reason. They come in various styles and designs to suit individual preferences. One popular choice is the off-the-shoulder white crop top. This chic design adds an element of coquetry while maintaining a sense of elegance, perfect for pairing with high-waisted skirts or pants.

Sofia Crop Top

Another popular choice is wrap-style white crop tops, which add dimension by creating flattering lines around the waistline area – ideal for those looking to accentuate their curves.

Matilda Crop Top

Summer is here, and you know what that means: it’s time to shop for crop tops! And Cocopina white crop tops suit just right for everyone!

Sofia Crop Top

Not only do Matilda wrap top and Sofia crop top pair well with everything from high-waisted jeans to flowy skirts, but they also keep you cool and comfortable in the scorching heat.

Sofia Crop Top

When it comes to styling a white crop top, the options are endless. For an effortless and chic look, pair Sofia crop top with high-waisted pants. This will not only elongate your legs, but also create a flattering silhouette for anybody.

Sofia Crop Top

For those who prefer a more feminine vibe, try pairing Cocopina crop tops with the Tera Maxi Skirt or the skirt from the Izamal Set. This combination is perfect for summer outdoor events where you want to feel comfortable yet stylish.

Matilda Crop Top + Tera Maxi Skirt (orange)
Sofia Crop Top + Izamal Set Skirt


Coconuts & Pineapples (Cocopiña) Boutique dresses are perfect for all occasions from semi-formal to formal events. You can choose from off shoulder, wrap, thin strap, mini, and 2-piece set to suit your preference. Loved by free spirits, their maxi dresses are relaxed, feminine, eclectic, and carefree. Ideal for women who want to feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time, but also great for everyone, Cocopina dress is the garment that you should always include in your suitcase this summer. At Cocopina Boutique, you will have all the colour and silhouette you need to shine under the sun. Use code “MAYANDTRAVEL” for 15% off your order.

***Thank you to Cocopiña Boutique for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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