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Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide

Sapa is a lovely frontier town in Lao Cai Province in north west Vietnam, about 380 km from Hanoi near the Chinese border. The region is culturally rich, home to 7 different hilltribe minorities with unique lifestyles and languages; all wearing their traditional attires, working on evergreen terraces.  If you travel because you want to be close to nature, Sapa is the place to be. With stunning views of lush mountain ranges, rolling hills, and rice terraces Sapa has become a popular tourism destination for travelers around the world.

In this blog I take you through everything that tourists should know when traveling to Sapa.

Saigon Travel Vietnam

Traveling with Pets: The Complete Guide

Our dogs are an important part of our family and when it comes to travel, it’s hard to imagine leaving home without them and we love experiencing new places with our beloved Lychee and Chloe! As much joy as bringing along our dogs can be, it can be daunting once you factor in transportation, activities, where to stay, and your pet’s health and safety. There’s a lot to know, so I have come up with a guide of steps that you can take to ensure the health and safety of your pets for your next adventure.

Saigon Vietnam

Sai Gon: Restaurants and Cafes


Most popular questions that friends ask me inbox are, “What do you recommend for restaurants in SaiGon?” “Could you give me the names of nice cafes in SG?” “Which places serve proper afternoon tea in SG?” “Where are nice places to take pictures in SG?”

Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An: Asian Version of Venice

We love Hoi An so much that we revisited this old town 2-3 times in one year. Instead of going to new places, we kept going back to HoiAn because we can’t get enough of this charming, historic town. People here are friendly, polite, and sincere from the boat ladies to the cyclo drivers. The food are amazing; everyday we ate Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Banh Hoa Hong,…and still didn’t get enough of Hoi An’s famous dishes. Shopping for silk scarves, sitting for hours in one of many outdoor coffee shops in Old Town Headquarter, releasing lanterns into the river, tasting desserts from street vendors…are all of our favorite activities. For us Hoi An is just like an Asian version of Venice with better resorts, more delicious food, and more value for your bucks.

Saigon Vietnam

Photo Spots in Saigon: art alleys, iconic corners, timeless staircases,…

In this post, I’ll reveal my favorite photography spots in SaiGon. To bring out Saigon’s rich diversity and colorful culture, one of my favorite choices for photos is art arcades/alleys which appear at every corner of every district in Saigon. Instead of going to crowded touristy places like ĐườngĐi BộNguyễnHuệ, you can find hidden photography locations in these unique alleys with run-down spiral staircases, colorful and lively paintings, cool urban cafes, chic and trendy boutiques,….

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