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Marrakech, Morocco: The Complete Travel Guide

The ancient city of Marrakech is an absolute must see destination for many travelers. It is an enchanting city of bright colors, exotic spices and tea, bustling souks, colorful textiles, gold lamps, leather tanneries, and so much more. This is the place where donkey-carts loaded with groceries share the narrow alleyways with whining mopeds and where gypsies, snake-charmers, herbalists, magicians, and folk singers wander on the streets. Prepare for all of your senses to be awaken at once! It’s an enthralling and exciting place to be, but it can also be a tad overwhelming at times. People like to talk about these enchanting aspects of Marrakech, but rarely mention how difficult it can be to visit. It’s not easy to be a tourist here. So here’s my ultimate guide to Marrakech to ensure you have fun exploring this wonderful world of colors and chaos without feeling too intimidated!

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