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An American Traveling to Havana: What You Need to Know

Many travellers want to travel to Cuba to touch the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, taste the Cuban rum and world-class cigars, listen to the infectious street music, learn about the history of tobacco, and simply soak up the country’s 1950’s back-in-time appeal. However what draws people to the tropical Caribbean island of Cuba is much more than beaches and antique 1950’s cars. It is a beautiful country, but more than anything else it is interesting, mysterious, difficult and challenging.

Cuba, unlike its neighbors, has been fractured by Communist rule that makes travelling here frustrating. Independent travel in Cuba, away from cruise ship excursions and guided tours, is not easy, but worth the challenge if you are curious enough to dig deeper. It may test one’s patience; yet, you cannot help but fall in love with Cuba and wishing to eventually go back and uncover more of its charm.

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