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Hoi An: Asian Version of Venice

We love Hoi An so much that we revisited this old town 2-3 times in one year. Instead of going to new places, we kept going back to HoiAn because we can’t get enough of this charming, historic town. People here are friendly, polite, and sincere from the boat ladies to the cyclo drivers. The food are amazing; everyday we ate Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Banh Hoa Hong,…and still didn’t get enough of Hoi An’s famous dishes. Shopping for silk scarves, sitting for hours in one of many outdoor coffee shops in Old Town Headquarter, releasing lanterns into the river, tasting desserts from street vendors…are all of our favorite activities. For us Hoi An is just like an Asian version of Venice with better resorts, more delicious food, and more value for your bucks.

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