5 Decor Ideas to Create a Christmas Themed Kids’ Playroom

Don’t limit the holiday spirit to just the living room of your home! I think it’s just as important to decorate your kids’ spaces for the holiday season as it is to decorate the main living spaces of our homes. If your children have their own dedicated playroom, it’s a great idea to create a Christmas themed playroom that they can enjoy.

After all, there is nothing better than witnessing Christmas through the eyes of a child. They truly find such beauty and magic in even the smallest of details. In this blog I’m working with my toddler niece to gather up a few ideas to help you decorate your kids’ spaces in style for this holiday season. So whether this is your first time decorating, or you’re a seasoned pro, grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to bring a little bit of Christmas magic to your kids’ playroom!

1. Transforming the Playroom into a Christmas Market

Real holiday shopping? Maybe a bit stressful. Pretend holiday shopping with your favorite little shopkeeper? Now, that’s some holiday cheer.

Probably my favorite element of our playroom Christmas decoration was having the space to create our own Christmas market. Imaginary role play holiday shopping is absolutely fun! 

Let your kids line up toys for their shop while you or a sibling play a happy customer with pretend money. Older kids will love the addition of a toy cash register or shopkeeper stand for more role-play. 

We used a sturdy, handcrafted wooden market stand as the ultimate canvas for our budding proprietor to set up shop. My niece can have a variety of her favorite pretend plays here whether it’s a coffee shop or a bakery.

We added a wooden cash register to her shop. The cash register features realistic accessories that encourage real-world imitative play. The checkout register comes equipped with one change draw, one scanner, one stack of register paper, one card reader, one credit card, and more.

Baking is an essential part of many family’ holiday traditions so we added a real-looking wooden toy mixer to our niece’s play kitchen. The cookie mixer is more than just about becoming a little chef; they also strengthen hand-eye coordination, and help kids learn about science or foods.

And a Christmas market can’t be completed without a coffee shop or hot cocoa stand. So we added a realistic looking wooden coffee maker to our niece’s Christmas shop! The coffee maker toy not only helps children become a little barista, but also stimulates creativity and imagination through role play.

And kids love ice cream! A fun Christmas market must have a gelato shop! So by stacking up several wooden crates, using a wooden ice cream glass covered counter accessorized with scoops, cones, and a colorful menu we created a cozy and charming gelato shop!

Also you can add some festive decor to your kids’ play kitchen like string lights or colored fairy lights that will instantly brighten up the room and get them excited!

2. Creating a Holiday Reading Corner

Every good playroom has a well-stocked book shelf; and during the Christmas months it’s a great time to introduce a wider range of books into your kids’ lives.

Transform your kiddo’s normal reading spot into a cozy, winter-themed nook ready for a visit from Santa. We updated the bookshelves with our collection of favorite Christmas books.

Many of us many have so many fond memories of reading Christmas books every year as a child, so it would be lovely to be able to share that experience with our children.

You can start with a few of your favorite Christmas books, and then add in some new ones each year. It’s a great way to get them excited about reading and help them understand the holiday.

3. Add a tree

There is no such thing as too many Christmas trees, especially in the mind of a child. So whether you decide to include a full-size tree or a miniature, a Christmas tree is the perfect holiday accessory for any kids’ space.

Let your kids decorate their own tree using ornaments. It’s the perfect opportunity for little ones to use their imaginations and display their creativity.

4. Incorporate seasonal clothes and accessories

Kids love to play dress up! Everyone knows that. And what better time of year to get into costume than Christmas?

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with dress up clothes that will get them into the festive spirit and let them play with one another in their Christmas environment.

5. Incorporate a workstation for Christmas crafts

Whether you’re working with a large or small spare room, tables are a staple for any playroom. Kids can use them for Christmas craft projects like drawing.

Baking holiday cookies is probably one of the highlights of the season for your sous-chef. Let them re-enact it by equipping them with a rolling pin, modeling clay, and some holiday cookie cutters — all the joy of holiday baking without the sugar rush. And your kids will need a workstation to enjoy this activity fully.

Not to mention, a Christmas workstation table is nice for having a place to do some serious learning too. It’s wonderful to relate Christmas to other learning activities like learning the alphabet or counting.

Final Words

From Christmas themed pretend play to everyday Christmas decorations, there are many ways that you can add a touch of the Christmas spirit into your children’s playroom. Naturally we want to share that holiday fun with the little ones in our lives too – preferably without constant screen time.

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