Tips to Plan Birthday Surprises for Your Best Friend

Birthdays are a once-a-year occasions and are meant to be special! I love giving surprises to miladies on their birthdays.Here are some of my tips for you to go the extra mile to make your girlfriends/BFFs feel special because that’s what birthdays are for!


Gift from Old Memories:

I love to make my BFF photobooks and scrapbooks that have all of our pictures together.

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Cook Surprise

Why don’t you cook something for your best friend? For my BFF’s 2016 Birthday, instead of just ordering flowers and birthday cake, I decided to spend 5 hours making Lady M(ay)’s divine 20-layered crepe. My bday girl deserves the best and the best of delicacy ! And being a fan of Lady M’s crepes myself, I have to “humbly” say that mine is just a bit better!

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Birthday Dinner

Throw her an elegant and graceful birthday dinner with floral centerpiece, Moet champagne, and favors that make her remember this event for years to come!









Afternoon Tea

Instead of birthday dinners, plan a girly and elegant afternoon tea with lovely salon setting, lots of flowers, desserts, teas, caviars, champagnes, and even harps!!!





Remind the restaurant or tea salon where you host your girlfriend’s birthday to have the staff bring out the cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to the the birthday girl. The more people who say Happy Birthday to her, the more special she feels!!!




Planning a getaway trip: I know many of you might be working or busy in day to day life and a trip is certainly not possible for you. So if a trip doesn’t work for you, then why not just an overnight stay at a nearby fancy hotel/resort? This can also be unplanned and fun!!! My girlfriend and I spent her birthday night at a 6-star resort in Saigon-The Reverie and it was absolutely fabulous!



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Have fun planning surprises for your BFFs/girlfriends’ Birthdays!!!!

July 25, 2016






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