10 Reasons To Stay In A Cabin This Winter

As winter sinks in, I normally plan for a vacation somewhere warm and tropical…but this year, I’ve got cabins on my mind. I was dreaming of a cozy winter cabin that can only be reached by dirt roads. Often surrounded with wilderness and seclusion, cabins are wonderful places to take a much needed break from everyday life and serve as fantastic winter getaways. Many visitors to SoCal might be surprised to know that just a short day-trip from Los Angeles sits a winter wonderland in the San Bernardino mountains – Big Bear Lake.

Lovin’ Life Lodge A-Frame of Mind

When planning our trip to Big Bear, we looked at all sorts of cabins. Our main criteria was finding a home base in the central area of Big Bear with the rustic charm of an authentic A-frame cabin. During our search, we came across a charming cabin called Lovin’ Life Lodge A-Frame of Mind. This cabin was placed high on a hill with great views and it was a centrally located home base that allowed us to experience Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead area. What a perfect way to celebrate my Christmas holiday with my loved ones! If you are still looking for the perfect winter holiday gift (or maybe next Christmas) for your loved ones, there is nothing better than surprising your family with a getaway to a cabin in Big Bear.  In this blog I will share with you 10 reasons why you should stay in a cabin in Big Bear during the holiday season.

1. Holiday Festivities for the Whole Family!

Imagine board games, hot tubs, scenic views….We got lucky, and snow fell throughout the time we were there. It was beautiful. Spending seven unplugged nights in this cabin created many opportunities for quality time together. We cooked, we read, and we talked.

Family Nights

After a fun holiday getaway to cabins in the woods, your family might want to make this an annual tradition!

2. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city!

After all of the busy schedules and running around that families do during the holiday season, it’s important to take a break.  Escape the urban jungle, the traffic jams, social media, and the like! At a cabin you can recharge and reenergize.

Warm and Cozy

3. It will be your home away from home!

Finding a home away from home is essential and the best way to travel. And Cabin Lovin’ Life Lodge A-Framed of Mind has everything you need to ensure a most comfortable stay from a comfy living room with a superb view of the mountains and a wood burning fireplace to a fully-equipped kitchen with stove, oven, small fridge, a microwave, toaster and plenty of cookware.

You won’t feel pressured to eat out every meal – you can cook all your favorite foods right there in the cabin! Grill, bake, microwave, boil, or sauté your heart away; you’re home!

4. Furry, four-legged friends are welcome!

One of the hardest parts of traveling is finding a place for our dog. I always have a hard time leaving my Chloe behind when I travel. It seems a challenging task these days to find anywhere that is pet-friendly. Lucky for us, Cabin Lovin’ Life Lodge A-Framed of Mind is a very pet friendly place.

My advice is to check first to see what cabins are available for you and your furry companions in Big Bear when booking your winter getaways.

5. Experience the Peace and Quiet of the Mountains!

The winter months, around December to February, are definitely more quiet than the summer months in the Big Bear area.

It is one thing to admire a picture of profound valleys, wide mountain ranges, and lakes lined with snow-covered trees, but it’s an entirely different matter to observe these breathtaking sights up close.

Imagine this scene: frosty windowpanes that look out into trees as far as the eye can see, rustic decor, and lots of blankets to wrap yourself in…snuggling up with your loved ones and a cup of hot chocolate, and just enjoying the peace and quiet and beauty of nature.

Whether you prefer to look out at these natural scenes from the windows of your warm cabin, or you like to personally experience the landscape yourself, it’s difficult to deny that picturesque views of nature aren’t glorious and inspiring.

6. Local Attractions to Enjoy

Our cabin is only a short drive from the top attractions in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, so there is always something fun to do nearby! Most attractions are open during the Christmas holidays and some are even open throughout the entire winter.

It was a great time to visit to see all of the Christmas lights at Big Bear Lake, Sky Park at Santa’s Village, and Lake Arrowhead village. Don’t miss a stroll through Big Bear Village, filled with row after row of unique specialty shops, candy stores, bakeries, coffee houses, and great eats.

7. Participate in exciting outdoor activities

Winter activities are plentiful when you’re in Big Bear. Big Bear is of course well known for its two main ski resorts of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit and this is the perfect time to strap on your skis or snowboard and hit the slopes. If your family’s idea of snow play isn’t skiing and boarding, rest assured that there is still plenty to do in Big Bear Lake. There are picnic, ice skating, building snowmen, sledding, and snowball fights.

8. Create Wonderful Memories

When taking a Christmas vacation in a cabin, you have the perfect opportunity to create some wonderful new memories with your family members! You can relax by the fireplace with your sweetheart on a romantic getaway or spend hours together playing card games by the fireplace or baking holiday cookies in the kitchen.

You will make great memories that will last a lifetime! Be sure to bring your camera to take some family photos!

9. Beat the Winter Blues!

If you are stuck at home during the winter, the shorter days and cold weather can start to get you down. Whether you get away for a quick weekend escape or stay for a week, a winter cabin vacay can really help to beat the winter blues!

10. Energize for the New Year

Believe it or not, 2018 has come and gone and you deserve a fresh start for 2019. To reboot for the new year and to gain a little energy to start the new year off right, a cabin vacation may be just the thing you need.

You can spend time resting and enjoying the mountains right from your cabin or you can have fun with some snow actions. No matter what you choose to do, be sure you give yourself some time to energize for the new year.

So next time you find yourself contemplating a relaxing retreat in Big Bear, whether for the first time or the tenth time this year, consider renting a cabin. I promise, you won’t regret your decision!


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