9 Best Airbnbs to Save for Your Next Joshua Tree Getaway

Visiting Joshua Tree is like leaving planet earth. The otherworldly desert landscape, the cotton candy sunsets, and the sheer vastness of the sky are just all magical. The desert oasis is really quiet and for those accustomed to the noise of city life, it’s the ultimate place to unplug and regain a bit of balance and perspective. Today modern travelers come to the desert not only for its enchanting beauty but also to lay their heads in some of the most spectacular over-the-top designer homes for rent in the country.

After years of exploring Joshua Tree and having my share of working for several airbnbs in this area, I have compiled a curated list of what I believe to be 9 of the prettiest Joshua Tree Airbnbs that will infuse your desert escape with the coolest design vibes and amenities, so you can truly feel at home.

1. Serenity Escape

I lost count of how many times we have been back to this lovely airbnb hosted by Oded. About five years ago, while searching for the perfect desert oasis home we stumbled upon the Serenity Escape and we have been back to this lovely home every year ever since. There is something about the Serenity Escape that gave us an immediate home-away-from-home feel that we loved. If you’re planning on eloping, having a wedding, or just a weekend getaway in Joshua Tree, the Serenity Escape has everything to offer.

One of our favorite features of this Airbnb is the multiple outdoor spaces for lounging, sunbathing, and dining. The design compliments the barren landscape around you; the vibes is tranquil and modern.

The Serenity Escape features a spacious kitchen for gourmet cooking, open layout living and dining area! Their chef’s dream kitchen is fully stocked and equipped. This was perfect for cooking family dinners without having to worry about purchasing kitchen staples (salt & pepper, oil, sugar, sauces,…) or worrying about proper kitchenware!

Every last inch of this home has been thoughtfully curated, both inside and out. It invited us to slow down and breathe in the tranquil desert surroundings. From peaceful sunrises on the patio overlooking ancient Joshua Trees to a tranquil soak in the hot tub, we enjoyed every moment at the Serenity Escape.

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2. Autocamp Joshua Tree

If you are visiting Joshua Tree National Park and are looking for a fun place to stay that’s unique, cozy, and pet-friendly, then this is the perfect place! Autocamp Joshua Tree with the perfect mix of rustic campground vibes and the added bonus of some luxury modern amenities is an awesome accommodation for anyone that wants something a bit more in tune with nature but not quite as “roughing it”! 

Autocamp Joshua Tree

The 25-acre property features three types of accommodations: Airstreams, Accessible Suites, and X Suites. There’s definitely something for every kind of group. For those looking to have a classic auto-camping experience, the 31-foot-long Airstreams are the best pick. The retreat comprises about 50 Airstream trailers parked in a large circular pattern.

Autocamp Joshua Tree

The concept is simple: Campsites filled with Airstream trailers and Suites that have been retrofitted with upscale hotel-like amenities, contemporary style and immaculate cleanliness.

Their Vista X Suite is more spacious than the Airstreams. But no matter which glamping option you choose, you’ll have a private bedroom, spa-inspired bathroom, kitchen, living room, private patio and campfire setup. Outside of each suite is a large deck area, fire pit with grill, picnic table, and chairs for outdoor dining. 

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3. The C-House

C-House is a modern desert retreat, situated in a residential neighborhood while maintaining the feeling of cool isolation whether indoors or out. Restaurants, shops, and the National Park are all a short 8-minute drive away.

Hands-down one of the sexiest venues I’ve ever seen, C-House features a stylish Palm-Spring-vibe courtyard with a stylish pool and a connected in-ground hot-tub.

Entering the home, the first thing that caught our eyes is the stylish, sophisticated interior and the view of the surrounding desert and mountain! The open floor plan is so great for cooking and relaxing. There are windows throughout the house to let in natural light and desert views. The decoration and furniture are unique and striking!

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4. Casa Fauda

If you are in search of an experience that reflects the breathtaking natural surroundings in Joshua Tree, look no further than Casa Fauda. You’ll feel completely secluded on four acres of desert with 360-degree sweeping mountain and desert views.

The most notable feature is the simple and modern outdoor swimming pool on the massive wooden deck with many comfortable lounging chairs for you to relax and sunbathe. Who needs a luxury hotel when you can have this contemporary oasis all to yourself?

This architectural gem is both a piece of art and a tranquil retreat in the desert. Casa Fauda is thoughtfully designed in shades of white and black. The decor is minimal yet comfortable, with every amenity and detail kept in mind. 

Every last inch of this home has been thoughtfully curated, both inside and out. It invited us to slow down and breathe in the tranquil desert surroundings.

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5. Jackrabbit Wash

The story of this house is incredible. Jackrabbit Wash is a residential project designed by the architect Aaron D’Innocenzo whose works are held as the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It’s always so inspiring to learn about people who build their own homes (we are one of them! We built our first home from scratch in 2013), but it’s rare to hear about a person who does all the work by themselves! It’s not an exaggeration when I say Mr. D’Innocenzo built the entire house himself – no contractors, no subcontractors, or no helpers involved! The entire project took him eight years to complete and was finished in 2012.

With unique decor pieces, light fixtures and stylish furniture choices,…the home features high attention to details and arts. It’s like you stepped into a contemporary art museum (think LACMA or MOCA). Every piece of furniture is a beautiful and unique artwork. Almost all the elements were designed and hand crafted specifically for this house!

The 1600 square feet interior of the home is comprised of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining & living area.

The house provides a warm color palette with lots of textures such as wood or natural stone and through the abundant use of glass it creates a strong connection with the surrounding desert. Master bedroom and guest room all have great view and can directly access to swimming pool and spa!

The exterior features a deck, patio, swimming pool, hot tub, and an oversized 2 car garage.

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6. The Sound of Silence 1964 Airstream

The Sound of Silence 1964 Airstream is surrounded by beautiful whimsical joshua trees on 5 private acres of desert land! Conveniently located 10 minutes from the village, Joshua Tree Acres is a a desert oasis that offers travelers a chance to reconnect spiritually with the beautiful natural world from majestic sunsets to enchanting starry sky!

Our 1964 Airstream has the nicest patio with two Joshua trees on either side and two lying hammocks. Inside our 1964 Airstream has a two seater couch and a king sized bed. The owners have taken the time to restore the most unique features while adding modern comfortable touches!

The clubhouse where guests gather to cook, eat, get clean and meet other desert wanders has a lounging area, kitchen, outdoor BBQ, dining space and restroom with a shower!

They also have other lovely communal spaces including the outdoor hot tub, the outdoor solar shower, and the communal hammocks!

7. Luna Cabin

Perched on a hillside with wide-open views, Luna Cabin, a beautiful 1950’s homestead, is a private getaway with easy access to the Joshua Tree National Park and the town center. This original Joshua Tree Homestead Cabin has been fully reimagined with luxurious upgrades while maintaining its original charm.

At Luna Cabin, a rustic meets modern getaway positioned on a hillside where the views are wide-open, providing the perfect amount of seclusion and unobstructed views of the sweeping desert landscape.

Luna Cabin

The space feels authentic, a genuine reflection of the home owner. It’s rare to find on AirBnb nowadays homes that have a strong sense of identity – which is different to having a strong look. Homes like Luna Cabin are not trying to emulate someone’s style or follow trends. It is a fine example of a warm and genuine space.

Luna Cabin was made to be a place where rustic meets refined, and modern meet vintage. Natural light floods the rooms and natural materials will make you feel at one with the surroundings while still having modern conveniences and comforts.

One of the things we love most about Luna Cabin is its kitchen. I always prefer a cozy farmhouse style kitchen that gets its glamor from natural elements to one of those high tech kitchens. Luna Cabin‘s owner created this kitchen to recapture the spirit of “modern desert”: wooden countertops, simple cabinets, wooden beams, and other natural elements.  

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8. Veneer Retreat

Veneer Retreat is a newer addition to the Joshua Tree’s airbnb scene, but has quickly become a favorite amongst travelers escaping to the desert. It is designed with love and attention to quality by a Los Angeles interior designer as a personal vacation home.

When we entered the home, the desert vibe hit us strong but in the most peaceful and subtle way. The whole house is the ultimate retreat – a neutral-lover’s paradise with earthy tone throughout the transformed cabin.

Large windows in JT are important so that you feel connected to the landscape around you. At Veneer Retreat, the main living area has large windows in all directions with nearly uninterrupted views to the surrounding desert landscape. The dining room is elegant with an oversized mid-century hanging lamp, a huge farm-house style dining table, and a wooden bench. A perfect spot for guests to enjoy a glass of wine to help unwind and relax after a long day of traveling.

The most notable feature of Veneer Retreat is the contemporary retro kitchen for gourmet cooking. What we love most about the kitchen is the wonderful blend of desert elements and vintage vibes with buttercup-colored appliances that recalls the timeless American design of the 1950s.

The outdoor features a wooden deck with a bar, fire pit, and dining area. Offering cozy outdoor couches, infinite skies and mountains, it’s our favorite spot to enjoy a coffee with the sunrise or play some music with the sunset.

Can’t you picture yourself relaxing by the fire here with a cold beer in your hand watching the sunset over hundreds of Joshua Trees and desert plants? It felt like we owned a little oasis in the middle of the desert. This quiet home has everything you’ll need for a rejuvenating stay.

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9. The Desert Nomad Retreat

Meet the Bohemian home of your dreams! If you love spending time indoors just as much as you enjoy sightseeing while on vacation, this airbnb offers a staycation experience you won’t want to miss.

The 4 bed 2 bath newly renovated airbnb features all the comforts of home that is conveniently located only 5 minutes to Joshua Tree National Park. Designed with families in mind, this home sleeps up to 8 comfortably including a king bed in the master bedroom, 3 queen beds in the three guest rooms, and two full baths. This spacious home offers plenty of amenities to keep everyone happy.

And the surprisingly spacious master bathroom features a large walk-in shower, a custom-made sink, modern fixtures, spacious countertops, and high-end toiletries.

Master Bath

The home provides luxury amenities: natural soaps and shampoos, top-of-the-line mattresses and bedding, and six individually-zoned air conditioning and heating units, including one in each bedroom. Each bedroom is decorated with wood paneling, boho arts, carpets, natural rattan lounging chairs, and rustic basket woven hanging lamps to give it that rustic cabin-feel. 

Master Bedroom
Guest Room

We love the common areas of this home with lots of desert charm. This carefully curated residence has an eclectic mix of modern and retro decor; its standout features include a vintage piano, acoustic guitar, bongo drums and curated vinyl collection (and record player). It’s the kind of Airbnb that any music lover would appreciate! 

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