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Every travel destination needs a set of stylish outfits to go with it. If you’re like me, who always waits until the last minute to pack, Trunk Club should be your wardrobe go-to. I was never that person who could spend an entire day shopping, hopping from store to store; I often get tired after just a couple hours of shopping in person. It seems that tons of other people feel exactly the same way and that’s why Trunk Club has been such a popular service.

With both online and in-person styling services, Trunk Club makes it easier to curate your travel lookbook. For my spring road trip to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, I had Trunk Club style me for a change – which made packing so much easier. So today in this blog I’ll break down for you how Trunk Club works, in case you’re interested in getting a personal shopping stylist for yourself!

W H A T  I S T R U N K  C L U B ?

Trunk Club  is a styling service from Nordstrom where you work with a stylist that can help you find pieces for a special event/vacation or simply send you items that work with your lifestyle and budget. You can choose style preferences and they will send you a Trunk in the mail. This Trunk includes clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories like jewelry and sunglasses. It’s ideal if you don’t like going to malls or don’t have the time to shop before vacations. Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, so you’ll find that the brands of clothing, accessories and shoes available are similar to what you’d see at Nordstrom!


You start by filling in a questionnaire with your style preferences and budget, and then you’re matched with a stylist. You’re able to chat with your stylist throughout the process and provide feedback whenever they present a preview of your completed Trunk.

To be honest, this idea kind of stressed me out at first because I am so picky when it comes to clothes, and I wasn’t sure someone could really pick stuff out for me that I would love. But Katherine (my stylist) sent me so many amazing pieces that I truly love! I told her that I had a desert road trip planned and that I was also doing fashion photoshoots for my projects and described what I needed for the photos. We had a few back and forth conversations through Trunk Club‘s messenger app about what I was looking for and price points. I told her my style was more bohemian and relaxed, rather than dressy or work appropriate. Within a day, she sent me my online Trunk to review which was filled with items that she hand picked out to send to me. She nailed what I needed and sent me some of my favorite brands like Free People, Vince, and Reformation.

From there, you have the ability to approve or deny each piece, or ask them to swap it for a different one. Since I loved every single piece that Katherine chose for me, I decided to keep my Trunk as is. You have 5 days after you receive your Trunk to try everything on. Then you keep what you want and send back the rest with the provided prepaid postage. Or you can schedule a pickup for your Trunk or drop your Trunk off at a UPS or Nordstrom location.


There is a $25 styling fee which is credited towards any purchase. But if you keep something from the Trunk, the $25 will be applied to the item. Basically, if you purchase at least 1 item from the Trunk, you are not losing the $25!  However, if you have a Nordstrom credit card, the fee is waived.

You should also know that you don’t have to subscribe to regular “Trunks.” While you can set up a regular interval, you can also just order a Trunk whenever you want – monthly, bimonthly, seasonally or even every so often when you feel like it!


What I love most about Trunk Club is that I got to keep my Trunk for 5 days because it allows me to take the time to try on things in the comfort of my own home and not feel rushed like I would in a dressing room. And for me, that’s one of the largest benefits of this service.

I’ve tried out other styling services before, but the amazing thing about Trunk Club is just how interactive and personalized the entire experience is. One-on-one styling advice and unlimited chatting with your stylist via the website or app are additional perks. You create a profile with sizing info, spending budget and overall preferred wardrobe aesthetic. And you can even share your Pinterest boards which is so helpful; being able to share inspirational photos via Pinterest is such an easy way for your stylist to capture the aesthetic you’re going for.

You can be really specific with your stylist about brands/styles or you can let your stylist select pieces based on your style quiz and conversation. I like that there’s less of a chance of impulse purchases when you really have the time to not only try the item on, but see how items work with the rest of your closet. I’ve been keeping between 2-4 items per Trunk that really build on my current wardrobe!

Probably what I love most about Trunk Club is that my stylist sent me pieces that I never would’ve thought to pick out for myself, but I ended up loving. Like this jumpsuit for example – I never would’ve picked this up at the mall or thought to pair it with these Vince sandals. But I loved how this look turned out and loved mixing things up a bit, while still staying true to my style!

Can it get any better? Along with nationwide shipping to men and women, you can also shop in-person at one of Trunk Club’s six brick and mortar clubhouses: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, NYC, and Washington D.C. Lastly, in terms of scheduling Trunks, you can schedule as it works for you: bi-monthly, quarterly or as-needed. It’s not a subscription service and shipping is always free.

If you’re thinking of giving it a try you can sign up here to get connected with your own stylist! And can’t wait to share with you how I wear my Trunk in my upcoming Palm Springs roadtrip. Stay tuned!


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