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    I love the centerpieces that @jadorelesfleurs created for my pre-Thanksgiving gathering! A collection of blooms tightly packed into a bright orange pumpkin 🎃 just screams “fall.” And @bitterandsweet handcrafted mini chocolates for my party favors (with wafer, hazelnut cream, and edible roses) that were such a big hit at my party #sponsored
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    Looking for a way to serve amazing food for your Thanksgiving dinner and still spend time with your family? The answer is hiring a personal chef 👩‍🍳 .
I love setting table and decorating. But I would rather have someone take care of the rest so I can have time to hang out with family. So I contacted @rachelannwilson_chef - one of my favorite personal chefs in LA area. Rachel somehow found a way to bring an entire gourmet kitchen into our home. From the beautifully presented charcuterie board to the vegan pudding with gold flakes, all of my guests could only describe the food as nothing less than divine. What a treat to have a professional chef come into our home with everything necessary to prepare a multiple course gourmet meal 🥘 .
A personal chef started as a luxury but now it is cost effective and very affordable.If you need some holiday gift ideas for your beloved ones, how about hiring a personal chef to alleviate their holiday stress?
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    I love a good Chardonnay and the ones by @DavisBynumWines #ad are some of the best with beautiful aromas of toasted sesame, marzipan, meyer lemon and baked apple. #davisbynum #wine #RussianRiver @sonomacounty
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    I love organizing picnics and intimate gatherings for friends and family. And I always trust these three sister companies @jadorelesfleurs @bitterandsweet and @tovmali to help me plan the most beautiful and elegant events! .
Fall pumpkin arrangement for my pre-Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece: @jadorelesfleurs .
Chocolate for favors: @bitterandsweet .
Red Rose Black Cotton Sweater: @tovmali .
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    Wish this were my daily coffee run outfit 😆😆: beautifully bright-colored embroidered clothes, easily spotted red turbans, silver jewelry,...#sapavietnam #sapahomestay .
Staying in the local people’s houses is the best way to learn more about the daily life of the Northwest people in Viet Nam! You can cook and eat with your host family and generally enjoy the hospitality of Sapa’s mountain people. Make sure you do a thorough research to find a homestay that suits you! Maybe it is not very comfortable but it is a good chance to meet the ethnics, have meals and enjoy specialties with them
#sapa #vietnamcharm #explorevietnam #visitvietnam #homestaysapa
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    The Beauty of Silence @reachingoutteahouse .
When you enter the tea house, you immediately stop talking and just enjoy the atmosphere. The staff here are hearing impaired or deaf; you communicate simply by gentle smiles, gestures, wooden blocks with words, and little papers where you write down your order. Besides their delicious locally made tea, coffee and biscuits, they do everything right with the finest details from their teapots to their utensils: imprinted gold-leaf tea cups, condensed-milk clay-pot container,…and more important each teapot is individually made in their workshops by people with disabilities. Enjoying silent tea service and contributing to a great cause make this tea house our all time favorite!
#hoianoldtown #hoianancienttown #reachingoutteahouse #visitvietnam #explorevietnam
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How to Create the Perfect, Stress-Free Fall Gathering

It is that time of year again – It’s Family Reunion season! The cool weather (if you don’t live in LA like I do), the amazing smells (cinnamon, pumpkin, bonfires and marshmallows), the holiday music, and the beautiful scenery (changing leaves) really set the mood for a fun outdoor gathering. With so many great reasons to throw a party this fall, all you need to do is start planning. Whether you have a large family spread out over the globe or a small bunch nearby, planning a family gathering can be stressful. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead to stay organized and keep things running smoothly.

If you’re in need of some real-life inspiration, I’m here to help! In this blog post I’m partnering with some local vendors to pull off the ultimate guide to help you plan a memorable outdoor gathering this fall that will certainly impress your family members! So when the day arrives, you’ll be able to enjoy the party, knowing you’re well prepared for the celebration.


Review of The Serenity Escape-Joshua Tree Airbnb

Joshua Tree has been well known for its Wild West vibes of the modern-day frontier. This region has long been a haven for artists, writers, performers, and musicians….but lately Joshua Tree has attracted more people and become the new hip destination in SoCal. There’s something about the barren landscape that brings a sense of peace and solitude and, at the same time, provides endless opportunities for adventures! Just two and a half hours (140 miles) east of Los Angeles on the 10, Joshua Tree is close enough for a weekend getaway! Although the area lacks hotels, it has so many lovely options on Airbnb. If you want to combine seclusion with luxury, then the Serenity Escape is the perfect place for you!


Planning the Perfect Maine Fall Getaway

When the air starts to become crisp and the leaves begin to change, it’s time to take a trip to Maine. It’s an iconic time of year for an iconic region. Maine is beautiful in the summer, but it gets even better in the fall when the entire state erupts in vivid shades of red, orange and yellow. But fall colors aren’t the only reason to visit Maine in autumn. Maine is also the land of delicious butter-soaked lobster rolls, and it’s the living postcard of lighthouses dotting a rocky coastline and blueberry patches. There is more than one way to enjoy Maine fall foliage this autumn. In this post I’m going to share with you some useful tips to plan your perfect Maine fall getaway.

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Best White Wine to Pack for Your Next Picnic: Starborough Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Marlborough, New Zealand

Yay it’s October 1st!!! Fall has arrived and that means two things: less crowds and great weather. And a perfect time of year for a picnic! The leaves are starting to change color from green to orange/red/yellow which adds the dramatic backdrop. You have the location for your picnic all set: the perfect tree sitting in a nice meadow-perhaps on top of a hill-with lush green grass underneath. Not too hot and not too cold-in a word, perfect. Perhaps it’s at your local park, lake, front lawn or even backyard. Picnics are all about the food, company, and of course, the perfect wine to pair with all of that. I have been trying a lot of affordable and picnic-friendly wines of late, and today I want to share my favorite picnic wine: Starborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017, New Zealand. 

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My Brooklinen Chambray Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle Review

After a long day, almost all of us want to end up in a bedroom that’s relaxing and a restful place. Your bedroom should be a serene oasis where you can escape all the hustle bustle. When the room is clean, organized, and full of things you love, you’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend there. We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important to choose great bed sheets that are comfortable and durable. Your linens should be comfortable first and foremost, with style coming in second! When it comes to the sheets, splurge!


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