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    On average, Americans don't wear 24% of what they pack while traveling. It can be absolutely overwhelming to cram everything you need into a bag for the duration of your trip, and the absolute last thing you want to do is overpack. But don't worry, @trunkclubwomen can solve your packing woes in the most stylish way possible. I loved this look my stylist put together for me and really alleviated the stress of packing and worrying about what to wear during my travels. Read more on my blog! Link in bio 🔝🔝🔝! #TrunkClubWomen
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    American tourists in Havana 🇨🇺 .
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    Colors of Havana 🇨🇺 .
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    Riding 🚙 into the weekend like... #havanastyle .
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    Find me under the palms and bougainvillea! #californiagirl .
#liketkit You can shop this outfit via the screenshot of this pic with the app! Or if you are too lazy to shop ☺️like me, @trunkclubwomen stylists can help you find the most beautiful spring outfits that best match your style! My stylist, Katherine, from @trunkclubwomen picked out every single piece of this entire spring outfit for my vacay! Use the link in my bio to get connected with your own stylist
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    62% of Americans admit that they overpack their suitcase when traveling and 1/3 of Americans say they pack 24 hours or less before a trip! While traveling the world can be an adventure of a lifetime, preparing for a trip can be an agonizing process. That's why @trunkclubwomen - a personal styling service - is such a good idea! .
Let your @trunkclubwomen stylist help you pack for your next vacation finding the colors, sizes, and brands that best match your style. If you guys want to try this service out for yourselves, check out the link in my bio! #TrunkClubWomen
My Oufits Shop My Closet Style

Why I’m Loving Trunk Club

While traveling the world can be an adventure of a lifetime, preparing for a trip can be an agonizing process. Did you know that 1/3 of Americans say they pack 24 hours or less before a trip? And according to a recent Trunk Club study, on average, Americans don’t wear 24% of what they pack while traveling! But the good news is Trunk Club is a great partner to solve your packing woes in the most stylish way possible. Trunk Club helps alleviate the stress of packing by providing tips and tricks on what to wear during your travels.

Living My Oufits Shop My Closet Style

Your Personal Styling Service: Trunk Club

Every travel destination needs a set of stylish outfits to go with it. If you’re like me, who always waits until the last minute to pack, Trunk Club should be your wardrobe go-to. I was never that person who could spend an entire day shopping, hopping from store to store; I often get tired after just a couple hours of shopping in person. It seems that tons of other people feel exactly the same way and that’s why Trunk Club has been such a popular service.

With both online and in-person styling services, Trunk Club makes it easier to curate your travel lookbook. For my spring road trip to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, I had Trunk Club style me for a change – which made packing so much easier. So today in this blog I’ll break down for you how Trunk Club works, in case you’re interested in getting a personal shopping stylist for yourself!

Living Photography Tips

How to Create a Mixbook Photo Book

As a content creator and travel blogger, photography is a major part of my life! I enjoy looking through old photos of our trips to relive the experience! It’s so easy nowadays to store our photos digitally and look at them through our computers and phones that we rarely print out our photos. But when you want to remember that one special moment, nothing beats a physical custom photo book.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a little travel photo book for every adventure you take? A photo book allows you to organize your best shots into a book packed with memories. You may think you don’t have the time, but making your perfect photo book is easier than you think — and it doesn’t require any scrapbooking supplies or design skills. Photo companies like Mixbook make it really easy to assemble a photo book quickly with online tools and easy-to-use templates that let you build your own personalized photo albums in all shapes and sizes. In this blog I’m sharing with you my new spring travel photo book and how to get started on designing your photo book on Mixbook.

Celebrate Food And Drinks Hometime Living

How to Throw the Best Outdoor Rustic Boho Mother’s Day Brunch

There’s no doubt about it—moms are special. They love us every day, and they never stop worrying about us, no matter how old we get. When we think about all our moms have done for us, devoting just one day a year to show them our appreciation seems insufficient. So the least we can do is create a one-of-a-kind thoughtful day that celebrates how truly incredible they are.

While you can always give her flowers and a cute card or find some chocolate to help celebrate the day, it’s fun to mix things up a bit. Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, brunch is a great and simple idea that can really show your mom how much you care. All moms like nothing better than spending time with their family! So this Mother’s Day, skip going out for an overpriced meal on this busy day, and instead host a fabulous brunch at home, the park, or another special location. In this blog I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite vendors to bring you some great ideas for Mother’s Day that will sure impress mom and your guests!

California Celebrate Food And Drinks

Carlsbad’s Petal-to-Plate Picnic in The Flowers Field

Our family visits the Flowers Fields at Carlsbad Ranch every year, and each visit I always make a mental affirmation to myself I will have a sunset picnic in the fields of flowers one day. And on March 28th, 2019 this dream became my reality when I attended the Carlsbad Flowers Fields’ Petal-to Plate media picnic. This is the experience of a lifetime! Imagine sitting in the middle of 50 acres of giant Ranunculus among new friends, delicious picnic food, floral cocktails and live acoustic. This is the highlight of all my media trips this year.


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