Want to Experience the Skyslide at OUE Skyspace Los Angeles! Here’s All You Need to Know!

It’s not every day you get to slide down a glass tube that hangs on the outside of LA’s tallest skyscraper. Located almost 1,000 feet above downtown Los Angeles on the 69th and 70th floors of the U.S. Bank Tower, Skyspace LA is the tallest open-air observation deck in California. Here’s everything you need to know about the Skyspace!

1.What Exactly Is SkySpace LA?

OUE Skyspace Los Angeles is California’s tallest open-air observation deck and a must-see destination for panoramic, 360-degree views of Los Angeles. Located nearly 1,000 feet above the city at the iconic U.S. Bank Tower in Downtown L.A.

Along with the breathtaking views of LA, Skyspace LA also has one of the most unique attractions in the Southland—the Skyslide, an all-glass slide that’s attached to the side of the building. The outdoor slide is 45 feet long and connects the 70th floor to the east observation terrace.

2. Besides the Skyslide, is there anything else at the Skyspace? 

Yes, there is more! The Skyslide is just the thrill factor of Skyspace but it’s really an event space and observation deck with stunning views of Los Angeles. The observation terraces are 2,800 square feet of outdoor space and feature glass balustrades to showcase the view as far as the eye can see.

The entire Skyspace experience actually takes place over four floors in the U.S. Bank Tower. The entrance on the second floor helps set the mood, with cool music and light monitors on the wall. And before reaching the Skyslide experience on the 70th floor, Skyspace LA introduces you to a series of interactive technological experiences that are both beautiful and kinda fun!

3. So what is the Skyslide like? 

The Skyslide at Skyspace LA is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The Skyslide is 45 feet long, about four feet wide and made entirely with 1.25-inch glass. Visitors will glide from the 70th to the 69th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower and see Los Angeles in a way that few will ever experience.

I’m by no mean a thrill seeker. I’m afraid to go on rides at amusement parks, but this slide is not that scary for me! The sliding part is short. 45 feet sounds like a long way down, but you only spend about 4-5 seconds in the slide. The longest part is when you have to wait in line and be briefed on how to properly slide by an attendant. The attendants will hand you a mat to sit on. Then you scoot up to the edge, take a last look at the expansive view and down you go.

4. There’s plenty to purchase!

To make your family’s visit more enjoyable, snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. There’s also a cafe on the second floor with a larger menu. And of course, the exit of Skyspace forces visitors to walk through a large gift shop!

5. Hours of Operation and Tickets! 

Location: 633 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles 90071

Hours: Open daily, 9am to 11pm

You will find that many reported the cost of riding the SkySlide at $25. Not actually true. That’s the price of entry to SkySpace LA. To ride the slide you must purchase The SkySlide Combo which starts at $27 for Children (ages 5-12), $33 for Adults (ages 13-64) and $30 for Seniors (ages 65 and over). Or you can just buy the admission $25 first and after you check out the slide (to see if you are up for it!) you can add $8 for the Skyslide pass later!

6. Tips for photographers! 

Photography is allowed in the Skyspace. Just don’t bring your tripod, flash lights, and audio recording equipment. Their policy does state that commercial cameras are not allowed so make sure you call via phone to ask them if your camera model is ok. I was bringing my Canon 5D Mark II and had no problem!

You are not allowed to take pictures when sliding down since your hands are required to hold on to the mat! However, professional photos of your family going down the slide (amusement park-style) will be available for purchase on the 69th floor. You can choose two different images for $29.99. They’ll print on 5×7 paper, or you can have them digitally emailed to you. To save money, have someone meet you at the bottom of the slide, the 69th floor, so they can grab a picture or video of you sliding down.

7. General Tips!

  • It’s best to get your tickets online. If you show up without tickets, your return time may be much later in the day.
  • All tickets are timed entry and available in 30-minute intervals, with the exception of Flex Admission packages.
  • Parking is located at the Westlawn Parking garage at 524 S. Flower Street Los Angeles, CA 90071, across the street from OUE Skyspace. $8 for up to 2 hours on weekdays (8am – 4pm), $8 after 4pm on weekdays (until 8am the next day), $8 on the weekends
  • The best time to visit is from 5pm-7pm when you can catch both the sunset view and the night light!


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