• Review: Luna Cabin Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree is a bohemian wilderness of otherworldly landscapes which has lately become one of the top destinations for people looking to escape the hustle bustle LA and get a dose of nature. Joshua Tree has a seemingly endless supply of unique Airbnbs. On our most recent trip to Joshua Tree we opted for a […]

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    September 18, 2021 By inAra
  • Review: ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

    Whether you’re planning to live in a van or RV, or just want a camping fridge to take in your car on some road trips, keeping your food cold means bringing the comforts of home on the road. A good 12V fridge is one of the biggest investments you’ll make when building your van but totally worth […]

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    July 16, 2021 By inAra
  • ShariNori by Chef Han Premium Sushi Boxes Review

    As Derek has been working non-stop to finish the campervan before the end of July, I decided to surprise him with a little picnic with ShariNori by Chef Han’s Omakase Sushi Boxes and Desserts. I first found ShariNori on Instagram and have been following them for awhile before I finally decided to try it out. […]

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    July 9, 2021 By inAra

    In the late spring and summer, there’s a Lavender Festival in Southern California that will transport you to purple fields of fresh lavender. From May-August, the 123 Farm at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn hosts a Lavender Festival to celebrate the beginning of lavender harvest season. I’d heard of this festival a few years back, […]

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    July 1, 2021 By inAra
  • Lemon Theme Summer Party!

    Nothing says summer like a lemon or lemonade birthday party! Lemon is certainly a quintessential summer fruit! Everyone loves sipping on old-fashioned lemonade, enjoying a lemon-flavored dessert, or brightening a spot in their home with a simple bowl of lemons. If you are looking for a fun summer party theme, this blog is for you. […]

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    June 29, 2021 By inAra

    When you think of Las Vegas, you might think of its amazing nightlife, exquisite buffets, slot machines, and glitzy neon lights. But many don’t know this city boasts with some of the best Instagrammable European-style cafes with flower walls, chic furniture and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Not only do they offer excellent coffee, pastries […]

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    March 11, 2021 By inAra
  • Vanlife Cooking: “Let food be thy medicine!”

    Aside from the wilderness aspect and escaping normality, vanlife for our family is all about the food. God-made, wholesome, organic, clean, and healthy food. What would be the point of living the magical #VanLife if we are not fit, strong and healthy? Life on the road is always changing. We park up in new settings and we would […]

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    February 1, 2021 By inAra

    Getting out on the water is one of the most popular pastimes when we park our tiny-home-on-wheels near lake/sea/river, but getting a watercraft there with our campervan may present a challenge. We just don’t have the space for carrying a boat of any kind (or even a kayak or a small canoe), and we certainly […]

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    November 19, 2020 By inAra
  • Dinnerware for Van Life: Luna Nesting Dinnerware Set by Lenox

    Van life forces us to be minimalists whether we like it or not. We know that on our quest to downsize our life and cram it into a vehicle, we need to forget about the full-size versions of things in favor of compact replacements. Cooking for our family is an important part of living in […]

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    April 8, 2020 By inAra
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Gongfu Tea Ceremony

    When it comes to tea, or “cha”, “gong-fu” describes the traditional Chinese way of tea making. The “gong fu” in “gong-fu cha” has the same pronunciation as the “kung fu” in “kung fu fighting”, which literally means “skill”, or “dedication”. Like Kung Fu, Gongfu is an involving art that intertwines the spirit with the mind. […]

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    January 25, 2020 By inAra
  • Best Places in and around L.A. for Festive New Year Afternoon Tea

    What classier way to spend the first few days of the new year than by indulging in an afternoon tea? This timeless and elegant indulgence is the perfect excuse for a new year get-together with friends or a delightful seasonal celebration. It’s a special occasion with tiered trays, porcelain pots, adorable miniature sandwiches, freshly baked […]

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    January 3, 2020 By inAra